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Our commitment to quality and creativity has led to remarkable collaborations that have left an indelible mark. One such collaboration was with the Royal Court of Sweden, reflecting our dedication to transforming history to contemporary apothecary. Another notable partnership was with the renowned fashion brand Sretsis, blending our timeless essence with fantastical fantasy. Join us on a journey where tradition meets innovation. 

The Royal Court of Sweden

Rêve de Chine

The Chinese Pavilion

The first pavilion, a prefabricated building, was erected here in 1753 as a birthday present to Queen Lovisa Ulrika. It was built in a Chinese-inspired style which at that time was the height of fashion in Europe.

The present building replaced it ten years later. The Chinese Pavilion combines the European Rococo with exotic allusions to China.

The lacquer-red wall and sculptural decorations of the façades testify to a close knowledge of Chinese architecture, but the main structure of the building is emphatically European.

Unique collections of Chinese and Japanese decorative arts, mainly from the 18th century, were assembled in this pavilion.

An inventory of the collections was compiled in 1777, when Drottningholm passed into the hands of the State.

In a closely-knit partnership with the Royal Court of Sweden, Amoln was bestowed with the esteemed privilege of encapsulating the essence of the Royal Chinese Pavilion within a scented candle, an homage to regal refinement.

Countless visits to the castle throughout the seasons of the year have resulted in a fragrance that is both soft and elegant. The wax is colored in a red hue reminiscent of the castle's red stucco, while the mouth-blown glass carries a dark, smoky tone that adds weight to this unique scent. A complex and mysterious past is woven together with base notes of violet and vanilla, while the heart notes consist of cloves, wood, and rose. The top notes are cloves and orchid.

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As a close, intercontinental collaboration, the limited-edition Unicorn scent is a fruitful labor of wonders from Swedish perfumery Amoln and Sretsis. Born out of shared sensibilities in craftsmanship, meticulous details, fine materials, sustainable productions and plays on color palettes.

Unicorns are forever present in Sretsis fantastical universe and have been reinterpreted through the house’s diverse visual manipulations from hand drawings to animations. With Amoln, Sretsis explores the elusive, imaginative scent of unicorns that supposedly lingers when manifested as we wish upon their ethereal presence.

With an image of unicorns roaming wildly through flower beds and green pastures—only stopping to sprinkle magic dusts—in mind, the concoction of Unicorn sources ecological ingredients that closely resemble such never ending dreams, assembling imaginations piece by piece.

Unicorn imagines the mythical creatures’ enveloping, comforting scents and forever magic through cut grass, rhubarb, bergamot, basil, and artemisia as top notes. Unicorn’s heart notes are made of hemp, water jasmine, sage clary, rosemary, and cedar wood while patchouli, hay, sandalwood, vanilla, and white musk serve as the magical base.

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